Posted on Dec 30th

MEHOC - Advancements in High Temperature Reservoir Monitoring Presentation

Petrospec Engineering, along with our technology partner W. L. Gore & Associates, presented the latest in reservoir monitoring technologies at the Middle East Heavy Oil Congress 2015, held recently at the Gulf Hotel Conference Center in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The conference technical session - Holistic Approach to EOR & Extending Reservoir Lifecycle started with the paper “Advancements in High Temperature Downhole Reservoir Monitoring” presented by Petrospec and coauthored by W.L. Gore & Associates.  

The paper covered the latest in harsh environment sensor and time-lapse well surveillance technologies.  This included Gore® High Density Sensor Cable that features an array of up to sixty thermocouple sensor points on a single cable, and the new Petrospec advanced coiled tubing fiber optic survey service introduced in the Gulf region.  These new products and services are especially useful for enhanced recovery in emerging thermal heavy oil projects in the region. 

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