Posted on Sep 10th

Petrospec Engineering & W.L. Gore To Exhibit At Middle East Heavy Oil Congress 2015

Petrospec Engineering, along with our technology partner, W. L. Gore & Associates,  will be exhibiting at Middle East Heavy Oil Congress 2015, November  25-26 , Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain, booth number D126.

We will be showcasing new 2015 reservoir monitoring and heavy oil production optimization products including:

• We have partnered with WL Gore to introduce a new high density sensor cable that features an array of up to sixty thermocouple sensor points on a single cable.  WL Gore has developed a thin, advanced high temperature polymeric insulation material and process to insulate Type-K thermocouple pairs.  This provides a new downhole temperature sensor that combines mature thermocouple sensing technology with innovative material and packaging.  Gore High Density Sensor Cable (HDSC) is capable of continuous operation up to 300°C in a cable design that allows for a high density of temperature points. This new product provides fast, high resolution thermal monitoring capable of being permanently installed in thermal wells operating to 572˚F/300˚C and higher. 

• Our USA fiber optics center has released an optical pressure sensor that is integrated in a single cable with our HydroLight™ fiber optic distributed temperature and acoustic sensors (DTS and DAS) to simplify installation and optimize completions. 

• From our Canadian engineering center, we have recently introduced two new production optimization products.  Power-Tube™ - is a coiled tubing packaged and deployed electrical submersible pump designed for thermal heavy oil production, which can be installed and removed without having to kill the well. Hot-Tube™ - is an electric wellbore heating system packaged in coiled tubing.  This allows solvent injection and integration of heater elements into a variety of systems to address a range of applications.

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