Integrated DTS and Optical Point Pressure

QOREX HydroLight™ fiber optic DTS + Point Pressure product is a fully integrated downhole optical pressure/temperature monitoring system that couples an optical pressure gauge at the distal end of a DTS sensing cable.  The system is designed for operation under harsh hydrogen environments, and operates on a single fiber optic sensor cable and surface instrumentation module, reporting both parameters in real time.  The optical pressure transducer device is passive with no downhole electronics or moving parts, and is integrated into the cable system using an all-welded attachment and transducer housing for ruggedness during installation and reliability over its service life. 


Integrated DTS + Point Pressure Features:

  • Full wellbore temperature and distal point pressure on a single instrument and sensor cable
  • Passive optical pressure transducer with no moving parts or downhole electronics
  • Pressure interface isolation from well fluids and plugging
  • Hydrogen tolerant downhole system
  • Factory to field calibration
  • Full Product Warranty against hydrogen failure
  • Surface system options for indoor and remote outdoor operation



  • High quality, real-time data with no post-processing
  • No maintenance or recalibration
  • Installation using all conventional cable deployment methods
  • Control room, outdoor, or remote surface data acquisition - arctic to desert environments
  • Complete turn-key fiber optic system from installation to data visualization