HydroLight™ Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) System

HydroLight™ DTS Surface Instrument

HydroLight™ DTS Surface Instrument

The ability of fiber optic DTS technology to profile temperature of the entire wellbore in real time has revolutionized reservoir monitoring in thermal recovery applications which are driven by efficiencies in steam operations and reservoir response.  QOREX HydroLight™ DTS system is designed for immunity to hydrogen effects to operate reliably and deliver high data quality under the most aggressive hydrogen and thermal conditions.  QOREX HydroLight™ DTS is a complete solution including downhole sensor cable system, DTS interrogation and data acquisition equipment, and surface optical interconnect and data connection. Downhole sensor reliability is built upon a platform of high temperature, hydrogen tolerant downhole sensing cable, and proprietary QOREX Odyssey™ DTS measurement protocol and signal processing software.  This system offers unprecedented measurement performance for DTS sensors under the harshest thermal and hydrogen conditions.   Recent advancements in fiber design and cable processing are now incorporated in HydroLight™ XL for extended lifetime and measurement stability under the most aggressive thermal well conditions, making it the most reliable permanent DTS cable system on the market for these difficult environments.


HydroLight™ Features:

  • Rugged, armored, hydrogen-tolerant optical sensing cable
  • Compact fiber turnaround assembly in all-welded package
  • Proprietary Odyssey™ operating software and compensation algorithm
  • Factory to field calibration
  • Full Product Warranty against hydrogen failure
  • Surface system options for indoor and remote outdoor operation
  • ThermVIEW™ data visualization tool



  • High quality, real-time data with no post-processing
  • No maintenance or recalibration
  • Available in all downhole sensor installation methods and options
  • Control room, outdoor, or remote surface data acquisition - arctic to desert environments
  • Complete turn-key fiber optic DTS system from installation to data visualization