ThermVIEW™ DTS Data Visualization and Analysis Software

With the advent of fiber optic DTS and the massive amount of data these systems generate, operators are challenged to manage and analyze downhole DTS data.  QOREX has developed ThermVIEW™ - a custom software application for fast, efficient viewing of DTS data imported directly from the instrument.  This Windows™ based tool allows users to import data for each well and build valuable databases that can be easily searched and analyzed at the desktop. 



  • Stand-alone application runs on most Windows-based computers
  • Easy import of large data sets
  • Search tools for organizing data by well or time period
  • Cursor tools for zoom and data selection
  • Preference settings for presenting and analyzing data and subsequent storing processed data
  • Visually detect temperature anomalies and variance to set parameters
  • Analyze and track thermal events over time over user-defined zones
  • 2D or 3D viewing options
  • Easy generation of image and data reports