Permanent Monitoring Systems

As the leader in thermal EOR reservoir monitoring, Petrospec leverages expertise in instrumentation and system integration to address conventional permanent monitoring applications.  To achieve precision, accuracy and high resolution for extreme downhole pressure applications, Petrospec has partnered with Sercel-GRC as a designated distributor of their Q-Series and C-Series product lines for quartz and gap capacitance gauges. These sensors provide continuous pressure and temperature wellbore measurements at desired depths for accurate reservoir characterization. Excellent long term measurement performance, stability of readings, and reliability under demanding conditions will provide peace of mind, knowing that the industry standard for permanent downhole monitoring is in your well. Full complement of information is available at Sercel-GRC website.


  • Pressure [up to 16,000psi, 0.02% FS Accuracy, ±0.01psi Resolution]
  • Temperature [up to 150°C (177°C peak), 0.2°C Accuracy, 0.01°C Resolution]
  • Vibration [0-18g, 1% Accuracy, 0.055g Resolution]


  • Permanent downhole gauge installations
  • Artificial Lift monitoring - ESP, PCP, rod pump, gas lift
  • Deep Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas wells


  • Up to 6 gauges can be installed on one ¼” TEC conductor cable
  • Digital FSK signal processing provides lossless high EMI resistance
  • Fully customizable deployment methods available


Additionally, Petrospec and Sercel-GRC will release a hybridized system that integrates HydroLight™ fiber optic DTS/DAS coupled with Q-Series gauges that will provide a complete wellbore profile. Timeline: Q1 2017. 

GRC Datasheet

GRC Datasheet