Power-Tube™ Rigless ESP Deployment

The Petrospec Power-Tube™ is a patented coil tubing deployed electric submersible pump (CT-ESP) system where all power, process and sensor cables are encapsulated and integrated within coil tubing to allow for rapid hot, live well interventions. 

Power-Tube™ umbilical can be used in conjunction with any ESP vendor’s equipment in both inverted and conventional ESP string configurations.


  • Live well installation/retrievals of downhole equipment
  • High temperature applications such as SAGD and low temperature CSS
  • Rigless ESP service operations
  • Reduced pump change time which reduces downtime and service costs



  • Sizes: ¾” – 3 ½” OD Coiled Tubing
  • Length: Theoretically unlimited (contact us for further details)
  • Flow Rates: All ESP Flow Rates are Possible
  • Suitable for conventional and thermal applications


Engineering is in our name; Power-Tube™ is engineered to suit specific well applications.


Power Tube Brochure