About Petrospec Engineering Inc.

Petrospec Engineering is an oilfield services and technology provider focused on improving efficiencies and safety in producing oil and gas resources worldwide. The company was established in 1997 and is a leading provider of turn-key reservoir monitoring systems to oil & gas operators producing unconventional resources globally.

We are first and foremost an engineering company with a multidisciplinary technical staff that includes highly regarded experts in reservoir monitoring, production optimization, engineering and field services.  We leverage industry’s most complete suite of reservoir monitoring products based on multiple technologies.  The company is a global leader in instrumentation for accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, acoustics, and flow in SAGD, CSS, steam flood, and in-situ combustion applications, as well as in conventional production and artificial lift applications.  We provide reliable downhole equipment for these difficult environments, along with software and visualization tools that integrate reservoir data for comprehensive dynamic analysis.  This specialized equipment, coupled with our strong field service competency, allows us to offer complete turnkey solutions that our customers rely upon. These solutions have proven effective to increase production, lower costs, and improve safety and sustainability of heavy oil recovery worldwide.

We continually serve this sector with new technology.  Our commitment to research and development has culminated in the recent introduction of production optimization technologies for thermal EOR.  This includes Hot-Tube™ downhole electric heating system, designed for wellbore pre-heating for follow-up steam injection processes, near wellbore flow enhancement, and in-situ solvent heating and injection processes, and Power-Tube™ - a coiled tubing packaged and deployed ESP where all power, process connections and sensor cables are integrated within coiled tubing to allow for rapid hot, live well interventions. This allows for efficient, rig-less service operations, with significantly reduced pump change time and cost. These products offer heavy oil operators increased production while lowering operating costs.

Corporate Values

  1. To achieve a best-in-class safety & loss management culture, program and results
  2. To operate with integrity and professionalism
  3. To be a leader in technology and innovation
  4. To be recognized for providing the highest quality products
  5. To achieve excellence in the provision of all our services
  6. To attain superior financial performance and enterprise value growth.
  7. To assemble and retain an upper strong staff and achieve a high level of employee satisfaction