The Petrospec Sensor-Tube™ product line refers to the packaging of various downhole instrumentation and/or production optimization technologies into one easy to install coiled tubing string.  Instrumentation can be pulled into tubing ranging in size from 5/8” stainless steel to 2 3/8” carbon coiled tubing.


  • Smaller Sensor-Tube™ can be clamped to tubing
  • Sensor-Tube™ smaller than 5/8” can be pumped down a variety of tubing sizes
  • Can be installed with a coiled tubing unit into a permanent utility string or using temporary guide string technique
  • Complete custom design incorporating pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring and gas lift


  • Improve wellbore hydraulics by installing the maximum amount of equipment in the least invasive size of tubing
  • Petrospec’s completion engineering experience will design a unique system for your needs
  • Petrospec specializes in procurement and packaging of the materials used to manufacture Sensor-Tube™, as well as packaging ‘free-issued’ materials from our clients
  • Assembled at our facility which is clean, safe, flat and 3km long