Petrospec Bubble-Tube System

Petrospec Bubble-Tube System

The Petrospec Bubble-Tube product line is a range of continuous capillary tubing strings whose primary purpose is to act as a means of measuring downhole pressures at specific zones of interest. By measuring the pressure inside the Bubble-Tube at surface and applying a correctional algorithm, we are able to calculate the downhole pressure.  The Petrospec Bubble-Tube system has been developed through years of experience and remain the only company to design, build, program, install, commission and service our Bubble-Tube systems for their entire lifespan.


  • Clamped to the exterior of production tubing for pump intake pressure monitoring
  • Pre installed into Petrospec’s Sensor-Tube™ product line for multiple pressure monitoring points in one low profile coiled tubing string
  • Pumped down permanently installed utility strings
  • Used in harsh reservoir conditions that render other sensors useless


  • Working temperature range is up to 1500ºC (melting temperature of stainless steel)
  • Durable: no mechanical, electrical or electronic components or parts to break down
  • Completely immune from all electromagnetic interference
  • Long lifespan if properly operated.  Proper maintenance ensures reliability of data for the lifetime of the well.
  • More efficient than other blanket gas monitoring systems
  • Combined with Petrospec’s Semi or Fully Automated Bubble-Tube surface system to prevent downhole plugging and improve instrument gas rates of consumption