GORE® High Density Sensor Cables

Petrospec Engineering is pleased to be partnered with WL Gore & Associates to introduce a new high density sensor cable that features an array of up to sixty thermocouple sensor points on a single cable.  The GORE® High Density Sensor Cable (HDSC) is based on a thin, advanced high temperature polymeric insulation material and process to insulate Type-K thermocouple pairs.  This provides a new downhole temperature sensor that combines mature thermocouple sensing technology with innovative material and packaging.  Gore® HDSC is capable of continuous operation up to 300°C in a cable design that allows for a high density of temperature points at factory set locations. This new product provides fast, high resolution thermal monitoring capable of being permanently installed in thermal wells operating to 572˚F/300˚C and higher.  Gore HDSC combines the reliability of a known technology in a robust, innovative packaging, increasing durability and service life.


Gore® HDSC Features:

  • Up to 60 sensor points in a ½” OD armored package
  • Fast, reliable temperature measurement of Type K thermocouples
  • Compatible with standard Petrospec data acquisition panel and remote terminal unit (RTU)



  • Accuracy and reliability of thermocouples
  • Point density of fiber Bragg Grating arrays
  • Improved lifespan over pumped fiber optic DTS
  • Low cost, robust surface instrumentation
  • Rugged surface data acquisition unit capable of operation in all environments- arctic to desert



*Gore and designs are trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates