Environment, Health & Safety Mission Statement

PETROSPEC ENGINEERING INC. is committed to health, safety and loss control through our work standards and our loss management program; in order to protect our workers, subcontractors, client workers, the public, equipment, property, materials, our reputation and the environment.

Our goal is to achieve a culture that strives for superior standards and produces an incident free workplace. Petrospec is committed to protecting and maintaining the physical, psychological and social well-being of its workers. Petrospec is responsible for ensuring our workers and subcontractors are performing their tasks in compliance with all government, client, company and other regulatory requirements.  Petrospec and its subcontractors are responsible for ensuring their workers have the required loss control training to actively participate in the maintenance of the company loss management program, while carrying out their work in compliance with client Environment, Health & Safety programs.  Through collective cooperation and engagement, fulfilling our loss control responsibilities will allow us all to share in the benefits of a much safer working environment.

I applaud all personnel for their past performance toward Environment, Health & Safety, and request continued commitment to ensuring that a positive “Safety Awareness” becomes a value both on and off the job.

Gerald V. Chalifoux, P. Eng., President & CEO                                                          

Corporate Health & Safety Policy, January 2019