Observation Well Systems

As the most experienced technology provider with industry’s highest success rate, Petrospec Engineering is a global leader in observation well instrumentation.  We offer the broadest range of downhole temperature, pressure, and fiber optic sensors.  We complement our downhole offering with a complete surface instrumentation package suitable for any environment.  Flexible data acquisition, management, and analysis software ensures hassle-free integration with your existing data infrastructure. Our record of success sets us apart, attributable to proven technologies installed using best practices acquired through years of experience.



  • Since 1998 we have been the leading supplier of these systems to the Canadian thermal recovery sector, with more observation well installations than our competitors combined
  • Industry-leading success rate over 98% after 15 years of installing these systems
  • Downhole cables and sensors rated for long-term operation to 300⁰C


Product Breadth

  • Broadest range of proven downhole temperature and pressure technologies, including mineral-insulated thermocouples and arrays, Bubble-Tubes, pressure gauges, and fiber optics
  • Surface instrumentation packages for all environments, including remote arctic and desert systems operating on solar power with minimal footprint.


Installation Flexibility

  • Clamped outside casing, spool-in or integrated in coiled tubing or through packer assemblies
  • Remote solar instrument panels and radio data connection



  • Multiple temperature and pressure sensor technologies
  • Industry’s first remote, low power, outdoor rated fiber optic DTS surface unit
  • Proprietary high-density thermocouple arrays
  • Distributed fiber optic acoustic sensors
  • Data management tools, data visualization and analysis software