Advanced ESP Predictive Failure Monitoring

Sensor-Tube ESP™ is a new ESP monitoring system that enables use of predictive analytics to accurately predict ESP failures weeks in advance to schedule workovers and minimize downtime.  The product combines high performance Sercel-GRC SpyPro waterproof ESP gauges and Petrospec fiber optic DTS in a single hybrid system. 

Sensor-Tube ESP™ data is used by the software to accurately predict the onset and timing of critical failure modes, allowing operators to transform from a reactive to proactive ESP maintenance approach. Sensor-Tube ESP™ works in tandem with Petrospec Power-Tube™ rigless ESP system- a coiled tubing deployed ESP where all power, process and sensor cables are integrated within coil tubing for rapid, live well interventions.  The combination of these products provides operators immediate and significant economic benefits through timely planning and streamlining of ESP workovers.