Petrospec has developed an in-house high density sensor cable called Temp-Line™ which is able to provide a greater number of thermocouple points and improved robustness for harsh well conditions. Temp-Line™ can be configured with up to 60 thermocouple points inside 1/2” tubing with a welded bullnose to keep the individual thermocouple conductors isolated from wellbore fluids.  The location of each thermocouple point within Temp-Line™ systems is 100% customizable, with capillary tubing size and material grade specified for each installation/application.



  • Spooled downhole for temperature monitoring in cased-hole applications
  • Packaged in capillary or coiled tubing – Petrospec Sensor-Tube™
  • Clamped to production tubing for pump temperature monitoring (ex: ESP, PCP, rod pump)


  • Single control line is easy and safe to install while still offering multiple temperature monitoring points.
  • Capillary tubing can be customized for the application both in terms of size and material (e.g. for increased corrosion resistance.
  • Flexible design - any number of points in any size of capillary tubing
  • Cost effective - a high number of monitoring points at a reduced cost compared to either MI cables or fiber optics
  • Standard temperature rating to 300ºC