Jan 31st, 2024

Tally-Tube: Petrospec’s Force Analysis and Fatigue Management System for Coiled Tubing Strings

Over the last couple years, Petrospec has developed and deployed their own coiled tubing force data acquisition and fatigue management system, Tally-Tube.   In real time, it can measure the pipe’s…

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Dec 4th, 2023

PetroViz: A Sneak Peek at Petrospec’s New Fiber Visualization Software

Petrospec’s visualization software package was released in Q1 this year, allowing customers access to real-time fiber optic data on the cloud-based web app. Which means as long as you have an internet…

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Oct 10th, 2023

Customizable RTU Panels bring Petrospec’s Reservoir Monitoring Capabilities to a New Level

A remote terminal unit (RTU) is a solar powered, battery supported panel used for observation well monitoring. Petrospec has refined their RTU’s over the years to provide customers with highly-customizable…

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Aug 16th, 2023

Petrospec: A Robust Sustainable Energy Portfolio Worth Watching

Canada is quickly returning to #1 in global technology development, and Petrospec is leading the charge in breakthrough technologies.   “Our sustainable energy portfolio is sixteen years in the making,”…

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Jun 6th, 2023

Coiled Tubing Services with Heart: What Petrospec Brings to the Field

Optimize products and field services, and do it with a lot of heart.   These are words to live by at Petrospec, an engineering company that has emerged as a leading field service provider in the industry. …

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