Hot-Tube™: Downhole Electric Heating System

Patent Pending Technology

A field proven technology, delivered as a turn-key system, from the industry leader in downhole electric heating.

Improve Project Economics

  • Access new reservoirs
  • Improve oil production
  • Lower capital costs
  • Eliminate water usage
  • Reduce Green House Gas emissions

It’s all about heat flux

Cable temperature doesn’t matter if you can’t deliver the necessary thermal energy to the reservoir. If the heat flux is too small, regardless of the cable surface temperature, the expected benefits of electric heating won’t materialize. Don’t be fooled by imitators, and put the industry’s biggest heat flux to work in your application.

Coiled Tubing Packaged

Hot-Tube™ is packaged in coiled tubing for the ultimate downhole heating system.

  • Lightning fast deployment
  • Install, pull out, repeat as necessary
  • Eliminate heater element damage during installation
  • Isolate heating elements from harsh reservoir fluids during operation
  • Easily integrate fiber optic, temperature and pressure sensors
  • Reduce power to surface area ratio to prevent coking and thermal runaway failures
  • Inject solvents, diluents, acids or water to optimize your process through integrated independent delivery lines

Custom Surface Power and Control Equipment

The surface power and control package is skid deployed combining commercially available SCRs, transformers, and other power conditioning equipment along with proprietary control modules. In-house design from the circuit board up allows for a control skid that is purpose built for your application, yet flexible enough to evolve with your project’s needs including remote, real-time monitoring.


  • SAGD Preheat
  • SAGD Infill wells
  • Dispersed Solvent Vapor Drainage (patent pending process)
  • Steam flood optimization
  • Steam quality booster
  • Heavy Oil Production Optimization (optimize with our PEHPER simulator)
  • CHOPS (Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand) Optimization
  • Post-CHOPS
  • Low pressure applications where steam is not practical
    • Caprock integrity issues
    • Geological unconformities
    • Depleted reservoir pressure
    • Shallow wells
    • Thin pay zones


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