Petrospec Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Remote Terminal Unit

Remote Terminal Unit

The Petrospec Engineering Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is an engineered and programmed turn-key system designed for operator safety, usability, and for continuous application over an extended period of time.  RTU panels and corresponding surface infrastructure are used for observation well monitoring in remote locations.  Final designs are flexible to meet our clients’ needs.

This system has been refined through years of experience and has grown to be the preferred data collection and transmission system by our engineering staff responsible for programming and commissioning.  Advances in solar panel technology allows the solar power generated to be reliable and more than sufficient to supply data logging and transmitting needs of the RTU, all while remaining efficiently sized and versatile enough to allow for easy installation on remote observation well sites.  Our system of power storage and low consumption adds to the resiliency and lifespan of the RTU’s.


  • Gathering, logging and transmitting temperature and/or pressure data from remotely located observation wells
  • Year round monitoring in harsh climates where infrastructure such as power and wired communication are not possible


  • Part of the “turn-key” instrumentation package offered by Petrospec Engineering.  We handle all downhole equipment design and installation, as well as assembling and programming all surface monitoring equipment providing single point accountability to our clients.
  • Years of experience have resulted in a refined product that is reliable, accurate and cost effective.
  • Single point of accountability