Posted on Jun 6th

Coiled Tubing Services with Heart: What Petrospec Brings to the Field

Optimize products and field services, and do it with a lot of heart.


These are words to live by at Petrospec, an engineering company that has emerged as a leading field service provider in the industry.  Their genuine desire to collaborate with customers to find the most cost-effective solution—no matter what it means for their bottom line—makes them tough to match.


“Our approach has always been: do right by the customer,” says Field Services Manager, Mike Hrabec. “We operate with the customer service values of a small company, which is something we’ve managed to keep as we’ve expanded.” 


Coiled tubing services are a key component of Petrospec’s offerings.  Since acquiring their first coiled tubing unit back in 2006, they’ve had the vertically-integrated capability to design, build, install, and commission their product lines.  Well known for their superior in-house built Instrumented Coiled Tubing line known as Sensor-Tube™, Petrospec also delivers a variety of conventional coiled tubing services including:

  • instrument string installs, pulls, and troubleshooting
  • well surveys (DTS/DAS)
  • e-coil (logging, perforating, magnetic ranging, video, etc)
  • sleeve shifting
  • well clean-outs and blow-downs with N2 or foam
  • packers, plugs, and retainers
  • turnkey abandonments
  • stimulations/acidizing
  • Power-Tube™ installations
  • Hot-Tube™ installations
  • mill-outs and drill-outs


As coiled tubing services are a core piece of their business, they can often send one crew and unit to complete many services, all in one field visit.  “Customers call us because they truly believe we’re the best at what we offer,” says Coiled Tubing Supervisor, Lowell Parisian.  They’re a company equipped to handle large projects and offer diverse services, but small enough that customers can call them directly and not get bounced around. 


“We answer the bell every time and customers appreciate what we bring to the table—a high level of commitment, expertise, and preparedness on the job.”  Their team, both in the office and the field, brings a special level of care and commitment that leaves customers knowing they made the right call.


In addition, having old-term legacy projects means Petrospec frequently has historical information that the customer might not have due to internal processes, department re-organizations or transfers of assets over time.  They genuinely care about their customers, and want them to do well (which is a refreshing thought in today’s fast-paced global market).  Hrabec adds, “We will suggest alternative products and services if we feel like customers have overlooked something, even if it means less work for us.”


They will optimize mobilizations and demobs, and offer to take up other components at no cost.  Versatility is clearly a major driving force behind their success record.  Their inventory of field services also includes:

  • clamp-in
  • spool-in
  • pump-in
  • fiber pump-in
  • surface data acquisition


Clearly, even the most pressing on-site problems that customers face are no match for Petrospec’s team of professionals.  Call today to learn more or to book field services!



About Petrospec Engineering

Established in 1997, Petrospec is proud to be a leading provider of turn-key reservoir monitoring systems for oil and gas operators.  We strive to improve efficiency, meet high safety standards, and provide equipment and software for harsh environments.  Our Edmonton-based company is a global innovator in downhole instrumentation and the accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, acoustics, and flow.

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