Posted on May 9th

Petrospec Rolls Out Pilot Project for Power-Tube™

The team at Petrospec is excited to announce that they have been awarded a pilot project for Power-Tube™ with installations slated for late May.


Power-Tube™ is Petrospec’s coiled tubing deployment system for ESPs, designed for use in areas where killing the well for pump change is difficult, or unwanted. Mark Padberg, Petrospec’s senior technologist, has been working on Power-Tube™ development for close to 10 years.


“Power-Tube™ makes it possible for operators to rapidly change a pump, resulting in lower service costs, reduced downtime of the well, and lower CO2 emissions during well servicing,” shares Padberg. “These are advantages that only light intervention equipment, practical installation methods, and safe work procedures like ours, can offer.”


“I think we might be the only company that can connect coiled tubing to an ESP in the horizontal position then lift the system to vertical to run it into the well. The simplicity in our method, and the equipment we've designed to achieve this, is really quite novel,” adds Padberg.


This 2-well SAGD pilot project is a Power-Tube™ Top Hold Down (THD) system where components of the ESP assembly are run as an insert style through-tubing completion.


Recently, they completed a rig-up and installation test on a training well in Nisku, connecting a 400 series ESP to coiled tubing and running it into the well. This was an excellent opportunity to confirm their equipment suitability and safe work practices.


With this system, all power, process, and sensor cables are prepackaged within a coiled tubing umbilical and connected to any third-party vendor ESP or ES-PCP for rapid live-well interventions. All Power-Tube™ configurations can be deployed under live well conditions, requiring no modification to third-party artificial lift equipment, and no dependency on rig availability.


Power-Tube™ is suitable for both conventional and thermal applications. Contact us today for more information.




About Petrospec Engineering


Established in 1997, Petrospec is proud to be a leading provider of turn-key reservoir monitoring systems for oil and gas operators.  We strive to improve efficiency, meet high safety standards, and provide equipment and software for harsh environments.  Our Edmonton-based company is a global innovator in downhole instrumentation, production optimization, and the accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, acoustics, and flow.

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