Posted on Jan 11th

Onsite Safety is Top of Mind for Petrospec in Q1

Preparation is the key to success, as they say, and Petrospec has been busy preparing for a bustling start to the New Year.  A number of winter work projects will be on their agenda in addition to their regularly scheduled work for Q1.


And with an increased workload comes the need for more support.  Over the past three months, Petrospec has hired many new staff to ensure that this winter is a safe and successful one.


Todd Oliver, Safety and Loss Control Manager at Petrospec, has an important role to play in these preparations.  After 14 years with the company, Todd is fully versed in government safety guidelines and ensuring that company protocols are consistently met.  “Safety is one of our core values.  And when you take on new staff, you need stringent safety programs in place to keep things moving smoothly.”


Petrospec’s Green Hand program is an important part of their onboarding process.  “Whether our new hires have a lot of experience or not, they’re new to us.  We provide the training, support, and mentorship that they need to do their job well,” Todd shares.  New team members are given a “Green Hand” sticker to wear on their hard hats, and are paired with a mentor.  It’s just one more piece of the puzzle that keeps Petrospec on top of their safety game.


More frequent monthly inspections (both formal and informal) also help keep everyone safe while the team delivers products and services to customers.  Todd will be in the field more than usual to relieve staff and complete the additional inspections.  “My goal is to identify any equipment deficiencies or at-risk behaviours, communicate them to customers, then promptly fix them,” Todd says.


In addition to monitoring staff competency, Petrospec pays close attention to onsite weather conditions.  In compliance with government guidelines and their own health and safety policies, sometimes operations have to be shut down.  When it’s -40°C and the roads are a sheet of ice, they know it’s in everyone’s best interest to recognize where the limits are.


Petrospec’s team is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality of service while maintaining an excellent safety record.  Achieving a best-in-class safety and loss management culture is a top priority every day of the year, not just in Q1.  And by ensuring a safe, accident-free workplace for all employees, contractors, and customers—everyone wins.


About Petrospec Engineering

Established in 1997, Petrospec is proud to be a leading provider of turn-key reservoir monitoring systems for oil and gas operators.  We strive to improve efficiency, meet high safety standards, and provide equipment and software for harsh environments.  Our Edmonton-based company is a global innovator in downhole instrumentation and the accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, acoustics, and flow.

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