Posted on Oct 18th

Observation Wells: Petrospec’s Record of Success

Petrospec Engineering has always been synonymous with innovation. As their close-knit team will tell you, finding ways to elevate their downhole solutions has been the driving force behind their success.


And that passionate spirit has been paying off big for their customers. Over the years, the Petrospec team has developed their technologies and problem-solving strategies, continually improving their completely turn-key reservoir monitoring system since 1997.


Mick Chalifoux, account manager with Petrospec, has extensive installation experience in the field. “We have a core group of guys who’ve worked together for over 15 years, and they’ve installed hundreds of observation wells. We’re fortunate to have a deep bench of staff that can do everything from initial design, installation, and surface commissioning, to maintenance and troubleshooting.  It’s an exciting team to be part of,” Mick shares.


As we know, expertise comes with experience. After thousands of well installations, Petrospec has truly done it all: they’ve customized clamping systems to suit a specific completion; tailored installation methods; and even heli-transported equipment to a remote observation well, utilizing it as a conduit for logging tools to assist in pad drilling.


Have they experienced challenges in maintaining data from remote wells? Absolutely. But whether it was a system malfunction, an extremely hot geothermal well, a dead battery, or a solar panel kicked off by a moose on-site, they’ve faced those challenges head on. Through experiences like these, Petrospec has shaped industry best practices to bring customers the highest return possible on their downhole investment—and there’s no doubt that they’ve delivered.


Over the past three years, Petrospec has installed more than 150 gauges, over 400 thermocouple points, and a number of remote fiber optic DTS systems with a 100% success rate. “No point left behind”, they can proudly say. Taking the utmost care with every temperature and pressure gauge installed, and every instrument handled, is clearly just how they do business. Check out some highlights from their reservoir-monitoring product line:


  • Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouples: Used in harsh environments ranging from -4°C to 600°C, these thermocouples are extremely strong, resistant to corrosion and scaling, and offer a wide array of installation options.


  • GORE® High-Density Sensor Cables: With manufacturing based in Germany, GORE® has developed a highly temperature-resistant wire coating. An overachiever in the field, this GORE® technology allows customers to monitor 40-80 different downhole temperature points with a high degree of reliability in downhole environments up to 300°C continuous.


  • Temp-Line™: As Petrospec’s newest in-house development, these multi-point sensor cables can be configured with up to 60 thermocouple points inside ½” tubing. With 100% customizable point locations, this product offers a smaller footprint at an even smaller price point compared to traditional MI cable.


  • Sensor-Line™ DTS: Their brand of pump-in fiber optics; these hydrogen-tolerant sensor fibers (rated to 300°C) offer full wellbore thermal profiling in real-time, along with industry’s most thorough decontamination process for improved longevity in SAGD producer wells.


  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer (ERE): The pressure sensor of choice for observation wells and the market’s most reliable sensor (rated to 260°C); offers long-term accuracy, a customizable pressure range, and superior reliability under demanding heavy oil conditions.


Their completion methods are also note-worthy: customers select between external cemented or spooled inside casing, each with their own distinct benefits. Undoubtedly, raising their observation well standards has allowed Petrospec to become the global leader in the Canadian thermal recovery sector they are today.


What sets them apart?  It’s their record of success—yesterday, today, and for your next winter drilling program.


Contact Petrospec today to discuss how we can meet your temperature and pressure well-monitoring needs. Let us put our experience and innovation to work for you to create your new generation of downhole solutions.



About Petrospec Engineering

Established in 1997, Petrospec is proud to be a leading provider of turn-key reservoir monitoring systems for oil and gas operators.  We strive to improve efficiency, meet high safety standards, and provide equipment and software for harsh environments.  Our Edmonton-based company is a global innovator in downhole instrumentation and the accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, acoustics, and flow.

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