Sensor-Line™ Fluid-Injected Fiber Optics

Sensor-Line™ Pumping Trailer and Service Truck

Sensor-Line™ Pumping Trailer and Service Truck

Sensor-Line™ is Petrospec’s brand of “pump-in” fiber optics that allows easy sensor fiber replacement in SAGD wells without intervention. Sensor-Line™ is the latest addition to Petrospec’s line of harsh environment fiber optic products, and is the culmination of recent advancements in hydrogen-tolerant sensor fiber technology and our own proprietary DTS instrumentation.  Together these yield a single-fiber DTS system that compensates for hydrogen and other error sources common when operating fiber optics in high temperature downhole environments.  Such single fiber pump-in systems are novel and essential to achieve a high level of efficiency and success in providing pump-in DTS systems and services.

Sensor-Line™ uses the latest high temperature, hydrogen-tolerant sensor fibers, and is applied to retrofit existing wells with dedicated pump-in capillary lines, or by adding pairs to new wells or during workovers.  A small drive-up injector unit includes all fluid management and process control equipment to install sensor fiber quickly and reliably to target depth of up to 2.5km in horizontal wells, and longer in vertical wells.  Fiber installation is tightly monitored and controlled to impart the fiber in a condition for long service life.  The process is completed upon optical diagnostics and tie-in to surface data acquisition equipment, then a full system checkout and commissioning.  The diagnostic feature of Sensor-Line™ proprietary instrumentation also serves as a predictive tool to better schedule fiber replacement with little or no system down time.

Sensor-Line™ Features & Advantages:

  • Fast, simple, safe sensor fiber replacement without intervention or disruption
  • Complete turn-key service with same day wellbore data availability
  • High quality, real-time data with no post-processing
  • No maintenance or recalibration
  • Use of the latest high temperature, hydrogen tolerant sensor fibers rated to 300˚C
  • Full wellbore thermal profiling in real-time, time-lapse tracking of events
  • New or replacement service for existing capillary lines
  • Competitive service rates and warranty terms
  • Fast turnaround and field support
  • Service includes post fiber installation data quality checks
  • Control room, outdoor, or remote surface data acquisition - arctic to desert environments
  • Compatible with ThermVIEW™ desktop DTS data visualization and analysis tool