Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) Systems

Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) are the acoustic analogue of DTS in detecting and recording acoustic signals along the entire length of a sensing optical fiber.  The technology is being applied to monitor and record acoustic amplitude and frequency along the full wellbore for a range of well integrity and flow profiling applications.  Operating DAS simultaneously in parallel with DTS allows for correlated data that provides significant enhancement and validation of the data.  Petrospec offers integrated DTS and DAS systems primarily as well survey service for well integrity by acquiring noise logs of the wellbore.  With DAS signal processing and interpretation highly specialized, we frequently bring in DAS technology partners for more complex or demanding applications such as flow profiling.  In either case we manage the entire process for installing a suitable downhole optical sensor systems, surface tie-in, and data acquisition. 



  • Hydrogen-tolerant sensing fibers
  • Correlated DAS and DTS data
  • Simple to complex DAS data acquisition and interpretation



  • Cost-effective means to evaluate well integrity and casing/packer leaks
  • Correlated data validates DAS events and location
  • DAS interpretation expertise and latest DAS technology through technology partners