Remote DTS Interrogator

The advantage of full wellbore temperature profiling is attractive but of limited use in vertical observation wells due to the high cost of the instrument panel, and difficulty providing power and communications in remote locations.  These limitations are addressed in a new DTS surface system being introduced by Petrospec Engineering, developed specifically for remote observation wells. The new DTS instrument incorporates advancements in optical instrumentation to yield a DTS interrogator that operates over a broad range of outdoor conditions with low electrical power requirement over legacy optical instrumentation.  This allows for a surface package that is solar powered and transmits data via radio – a system designed for true remote application. The interrogator incorporates more commoditized lasers and optical components for a cost competitive unit with no trade-off in measurement performance.  This new observation well DTS system is ideal for applications that require high spatial measurement resolution such as monitoring steam chamber development, inference of liquid level, and checking caprock and well integrity. 



  • Accurate, full wellbore thermal monitoring
  • Broad instrument operating range -55⁰ to 60⁰C
  • Low power draw allows for practical solar power
  • Complete unit includes DTS instrument, solar power unit and wireless data (radio) connection
  • No maintenance or recalibration
  • Fully programmable measurement and data acquisition settings
  • Data compatibility for desktop visualization using ThermVIEW™ application tool